We want to meet those who have managed to enhance, through their activities or personal lives, this part of humanity which belongs to each of us.
Each one with their own tools, those who have been able to disrupt, unfold and move the lines that seemed for ever fixed.

We ask them: do you accept to share with us the inner spirit which enlivens you and keeps you up? What will you give us?

These persons are chosen with no consideration of gender, religion, fame or profession which might lead to arrange each one's own value within any kind of hierarchy.

The gift, offered as a free legacy, is the person's fingerprint and signature. It can be of any type, any choice, without any censorship or requirement. The gift is symbolic: we just take its image or evocation.

We make at this meeting two sets of shots, portraits and photo of the "gift", accompanied by a verbatim to compose a diptych.The portraits are realized in black and white, with a single source of light, a standard lens (50 mm), and rear plane unclear.
The "gift" is photographed alone. It may be in colour.

All the photos, portraits and gifts will be edited in one book. Our work has already appeared in various exhibitions.
The ARCA project has been running since May 2011. 50 portraits have been realized.